Saturday, March 28, 2015

Retail Therapy

It feels like since I got back to St Andrews on Sunday, I've been either working or making YouTube videos while taking a break from working. The constant work in addition to me still being sick is exhausting me! So today, while I did also do some reading, I also tried to relax a little bit.

And how better to relax than to go shopping? After a late lunch at Costa, I headed to H&M to do a bit of shopping. I spent about an hour trying on clothes and looking through the store and generally just enjoying being able to be in an H&M that is walking distance from my dorm. I ended up buying three things: a beautiful black lace dress, a cute little gold necklace (for only 2 pounds!), and a face mask packet.
It makes me think of the Blank Space music video!

After some more reading and a great Facetime session with Stefanie, I made a dinner of chicken fingers (or goujons as they're called here apparently) and zucchini fries. They didn't turn out as well as the asparagus fries did, but they were still delicious! 

Since dinner, I finished my chapter of reading and did my face mask while starting a movie. Now I'm all curled up in bed with a hot tea and my movie to finish...what a fantastic way to spend a Saturday night! xx

On a side note, I couldn't resist sharing this. Yesterday Lucy described my aesthetic as "flower crowns and revolutionaries," which is undoubtably true and a good indication of how well she knows me. Today, I proved it without even thinking about it and then realized what I'd done. 

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