Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Try Again Tomorrow

Today was one of those days where you just have to tell yourself that tomorrow will be better. It wasn't that anything terrible happened, just that lots of little things went wrong: I accidentally way overslept, I didn't have time to eat lunch until 3:30, Pret was out of the foods that I like, my essay isn't going as well as I was hoping, and I had to walk the half hour home in freezing rain with no raincoat. The fact that my cold is only getting worse surely didn't help matters.

On the plus side, I got quite a bit of reading done at the library today, made a decision about which Winter Term 2016 program I'm applying to, and got to Skype with Mum and Hannah.

I also went to Rector's Cafe for a little while to have a pot of tea and a slice of Victoria Sponge to try and make myself feel better while I did some reading. I have to say, with Sam Smith music playing and my favorite treat...it actually kind of worked for a bit.

That's honestly the only photo I took today...proof that today was an off day! 

In any case, here's to trying again tomorrow...and hopefully having more photos to share with you! xx

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