Thursday, April 30, 2015

No May Dip For Me

You should all be very proud of me. I was at the library at 11am this morning! I got some books I thought would be useful for revising. Then I went and hung out in Pret and made a set of flashcards for my Life of Mind class.

I bought lots of food to justify taking up a table for several hours
I ended up going to Lucy's house to make pizzas with her and her housemates and their friends. Mabel made the dough in their bread maker earlier in the day! (Yes, I was incredibly impressed.) I thought my pizza actually turned out quite well.

May Dip is a St Andrews tradition in which students run into the sea at sunrise on May 1st to cleanse themselves of their academic sins and commemorate John Honey, a student who saved 5 people from a shipwreck in 1800. I was planning on going despite the temperature being near freezing and the whole idea a bit daft....but then on my way back from dinner, I developed a terrible runny nose and sore throat. To be honest, I'm miserable and have no business splashing around in cold water.

Instead, I will be sleeping when the sun rises tomorrow morning and having a very chill day tomorrow to try to feel better in time for May Ball on Saturday! xx

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