Sunday, May 3, 2015

May Ball 2015!

Lucy and I spent all morning yesterday messaging frantically about the new royal baby. I'm so excited for Kate and William that they have a little princess now! I watched BBC coverage all morning and then Lucy and I even had it on while getting ready for May Ball.

I went over to Lucy's house at 2:30pm to start getting ready together. Thanks to Lucy, I got a seat at the polo team's dinner table so we had to be at the ball quite early! It was held at Kinkell Byre, which is the same place the DRA Ball was held...but this ball was much better.

We met up with the other people at our table and got the bus out to the venue. It looked absolutely magical...and I always appreciate an event where someone presses a glass of champagne into your hand as soon as you're off the bus!

Waiting to go to our table

The dining area looked absolutely beautiful. May Ball had three tiers of tickets: dinner tables, VIP, and standard. I was so lucky that I got to be at a dinner table and experience the night super-VIP. The dinner was actually surprisingly delicious, even though our table was in a very cold corner!
Sorry this is a bit blurry! I was trying to be sneaky. 

first course 
second course
One of the most wonderful things about May Ball is that they have amusement park rides! I finally got to do bumper cars for the first time in my life. But if we all look a little windswept in photos....blame the rides. 
With some of Lucy's friends!
champagne popsicles??? 
janetta's ice cream! 
the dining area transformed into the vip area 

bestie selfies
It was such an incredible night and I'm so glad that I had such a lovely experience for my last ball at St Andrews. I'm also so glad that I could share it with Lucy and her wonderful friends (shout out to Mabel for lending me her Barbour jacket so I didn't freeze!). xx

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