Monday, December 1, 2014

Checking In

When you say that you're studying abroad, people rarely think about the amount of work that moving to another country for five months entails. Already I've:
  • filled out all of my orientation information for Elon's Study Abroad office
  • signed up for a residence hall 
  • pre-registered for classes
  • taken and sent in my photo for my ID
  • purchased airplane tickets
  • ordered my iNext insurance card (it's already been delivered!) 
  • opened my computer account 

But I still have a lot left to do...

  • get my visa
  • make a packing list 
  • actually pack (SCARY)
  • figure out a plan for applying for internships while abroad
  • get new glasses (the ones I have now are breaking and I can't risk being without them overseas!)
  • haircut
  • find out what I should do for a phone while abroad 
  • place my Argos order (for all the things I need for my dorm)
  • pay fees for housing
  • fill out health forms
  • matriculate online (January 7th)
  • make a reservation at a hotel for the days when I'm in St Andrews but can't move into my dorm yet

Basically, I just have to get through finals at Elon and move out of my room here (it'll be so strange to leave after living in it for a year and a half!) and then it will be time to accomplish all of the tasks listed above. It won't be long until I'll have more to share with you! 

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