Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Day of Class

Today was my first day of classes! That's right; I only have two classes a week and they're both on Thursday. It's going to take quite a bit of adjusting to get used to.

My first class today was "The Weaker Sex? Women in Scottish Society 1800-1970" and it was, as expected, all girls. The professor seems quite nice and the girls in the class were very friendly. The basic idea of the class is that we're going to study a different Scottish woman every week until the end of the semester. We were assigned our presentation dates today and I got Weeks 4 and 8, which were exactly what I asked for. I'm quite looking forward to this class and started in on the reading for next week during my lunch break...

I had a lovely lunch at Costa and then headed to Starbucks to hang out and make use of their free wifi for my two hour break between classes.

My favorite: coronation chicken sandwich
Treated myself to a piece of carrot cake

My second class is called "The Life of the Mind: Key Texts in European Thought 1512-1697," which basically means that we'll be studying all the most important political and philosophical works from that period. It's a bit intimidating but my professor was very lovely.

I love that both of my classes have about 12 people in them, which is a great size for a discussion-based class. I have a fair bit of work due next Thursday, but that's to be expected! I made a spaghetti bolognese (in the microwave, don't overestimate my abilities!) for dinner and worked on getting some things accomplished in my room for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow, I'm heading up to Dundee with some friends to grab lunch...and go to Primark! xx

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