Friday, January 30, 2015

Day Trip to Dundee

This morning, my friend Alli and I decided to go to Dundee for--what else?--shopping. We discovered that catching the bus from St Andrews to Dundee is fairly simple and quick, although a bit on the expensive side.
Welcome to Dundee 
I was delighted by these penguin statues
on the side of the road

We decided to grab some food at The Pancake Place. What pancake place, you ask? The name of the restaurant is actually just The Pancake Place. We both had huge pancakes with hot cinnamon apples and real whipped cream...they were decadent and delicious.

Of course then we had to burn off those calories by spending several hours shopping in Primark. We just had to, right? If you'd like to see what I got, watch the video below!

After that we stopped into McDonalds to get some French fries and ice cream. Call us crazy, but it's funny the things that you miss when you're away from home. And good French fries? Those would make the Top Ten Things I Miss list.

To be fair, I got a McFlurry with British candy, so...
not completely American? 
After I got back to the hall (and filmed the video of course), I dedicated my night to laundry, getting ready for the work I need to accomplish this weekend, and catching up on Reign. So of course, I ordered Dominos to reward myself. Any food that can be delivered straight to the door of your residence hall is magical, in my opinion. I got a drink with the deal I ordered, so I decided to try the famous Scottish drink Irn Bru. Well, let me just tell you that there's a reason we don't sell it in America: it tastes like our medicine. xx

A small pizza, cheesy bread, and a drink for 10 pounds?
You had me at Dominos.

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