Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Just Say Yes

I spent most of today in different restaurants and coffee shops, drinking tea and reading. Sound like my idea of perfection? It pretty much is.

This morning, I attempted to make a fried egg. Unfortunately I fried it a little bit too much-- I'm a yolk runny type of person. Hopefully, I'll do better next time! 

I was quite excited to get my package of Zoella Beauty products from downstairs this morning (I got the email telling me it was delivered last night). I ordered a fizz bar for Hannah and lotion for Mum, and then shower gel, perfume, and a new cosmetic bag for me with the saying "Just Say Yes" on it. Zoe's line is really lovely; the lotion is my favorite I've ever had and I just love how everything smells.

After running some errands around town, I spent the day going from coffee shop to coffee shop drinking tea and reading and trying to calm my worried mind. 
Pret a Manger
The Student Union Cafe
In all honesty, today was a hard day for me. I felt very anxious, for no apparent reason, and a bit ill as well. I soldiered through as best I could and didn't push myself too hard to do anything I didn't feel like doing (this whole self-care thing is still a bit difficult for me). I think all of the stress of being in a foreign country by myself finally hit me today and I just wasn't quite ready for it. I'm feeling a lot better now and I'm excited to try again tomorrow. 

Zoe Sugg is one of my favorite YouTubers. She suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and has talked about them quite a bit on her blog and YouTube channel. The saying, "Just Say Yes," which is printed on my new bag, is one that she uses to encourage herself not to let her anxiety hold her back from new experiences...but it doesn't just apply to people with anxiety. 

The past few days, I've done lots of things that I feel nervous about doing at home. I bought (and wore!) a hat. I wore red lipstick during the day. I cooked eggs--twice! And today, I kept going even when my nervousness was overwhelming and my desire to be at home was all-encompassing. I think it's very important to try new experiences, even if you're a bit afraid, but to also respect your own limits. I'm hoping to master both of these skills this semester...If you can't tell, all of this time I've been spending by myself has given me loads of time for self-reflection! 

If you want to see Zoe talk about the saying "Just Say Yes" herself, you can check out the video below. 

After deliberation, I decided that I have a responsibility to blog my honest feelings and experiences in hopes that this will help anyone else who is studying or considering studying abroad. Studying abroad isn't all beautiful campuses and traveling around. There are very rough days made worse by being in a foreign country. But you have to hope that they balance out. xxx


  1. You could fill a Yes journal now huh? The video link was wonderful
    Zoe made tears come to me as I thought about my girls and all others that need that encouragement. It's a great idea to pass this along! Thank you xxx

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