Monday, January 26, 2015

Room Tour!

After a few days of going into town, I decided to hang out around my hall for today. After getting another late start, I packed up some work and went to the Gateway Cafe, which is about four minutes from my building. I had a fantastic lunch of tomato soup and bread and got some work done...and read some of my new book.

How I expect a lot of my time will be spent
Then I headed back to my room to film the video below and do some reading in preparation for my class on Thursday. I found out that because I'm taking Honours classes, I have one seminar each a week instead of lecture and tutorial. Which basically means: a lot of work but a lot of free time to do it in!

I made myself a microwavable Indian dish and spinach for dinner, which was incredibly yummy. Now it's off to Skype Lauren; talking to my best friends makes this all less difficult.

Want to see where I'm living? Here's your chance!

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