Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trying to Get Oriented

Orientation began at 9:30 this morning, which was much earlier than I wanted! I went to three orientation sessions today, but I skipped the tours of the town. After the struggles of yesterday, I decided that today I would do as much as I could handle and I'm happy with that choice. I actually met a couple of girls who seemed really nice so hopefully I'll get to connect with them again.

Dad and I went to another grocery store to get the last of the stuff I needed and got my phone sorted out. I also got to Skype Mum a few times today, which was fantastic. 

We found the building that my classes should be in. It's the Modern History building and while a long walk from my dorm, it is beautiful. 

St Katharine's Lodge

I convinced Dad that we should get Dominos for dinner because I watch Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes eat it in their vlogs all the time and it looks so different than American Dominos! I thought that the delivery vespas were adorable. I definitely should NOT have found out that Dominos will deliver to my dorm, that it's relatively inexpensive, and that they also sell Ben and Jerry's ice cream...

So yummy!
Tomorrow morning, I go to Advising and Matriculation to get registered for classes (finally!) and become an official member of the university. It's way past my bed time (nearly 1 am), but I wanted to give a quick update, particularly after last night's post. This is my first night in the residence hall and my three hallmates (I live on a tiny little sectioned off hall separated from the rest of the halls by fire doors) aren't back yet, so I'm feeling quite isolated. In all honesty, I cried while Skyping Mom for the first time ever today. I'm not feeling much better about the situation but I'm trying to be optimistic and hold off judgement until the students are back on campus and classes start.

Tomorrow, I officially become a student here! xx

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  1. You are stronger than you know! That was a good post! Love the pictures xo