Monday, February 2, 2015


I spent this morning and early afternoon running errands and doing reading for my Scottish Women class. In between trips to St. Katharine's, the library, and the Study Abroad office, I'm sure I walked off my breakfast! I spent a fair bit of time in the Student Union cafe, just trying to get through my reading. My goal is to have the reading for my Scottish Women class done tonight and to focus on the work for my other class for the next two days.

Potato and leek soup for lunch
Victoria sponge cake for yummy-ness
Today I did something that I haven't done since October 2012...I auditioned for a play. It's a student-directed play that loosely follows the story of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, told through poetry and dance. I have no idea how I did, though I can confirm that I didn't fall on my face or forget to speak English. I was simply asked to read two passages, then read them again with some instruction, and then do some improv. The directors were incredibly nice and even if I don't get a part, I'm so glad that I pushed myself outside my comfort made me feel much more confident to know that I can still get through an audition!

Some other JSA (Junior Semester Abroad) students that I'm friends and I decided to make breakfast for dinner tonight. We made scrambled eggs with lots of veggies, French toast (with jams, peanut butter, and Nutella since we didn't have syrup), bacon, and English baked beans. It was very yummy and more importantly, we had such a good time!

I am the master of the group selfie 

For now, it's back to reading. Ah, the life of a history student...xx

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