Sunday, February 1, 2015

Refreshers Fayre

I didn't manage to get out of bed today until 10:30am, but I was so happy to not be feeling ill like I did yesterday morning that I couldn't bring myself to care. 

I got dressed today in one of my favorite outfits (featuring beautiful new best friend bag and floral leggings) and headed into town. 
The best outfit picture I could manage
Today was the Refreshers Fayre, which meant that all of St Andrews societies and clubs set up booths to recruit new members. I put my name down on more email lists than I can remember, but I'm definitely most excited about the History Society and Mermaids (the theatre group).

I set up to work in the Student Union cafe with a lovely pot of tea. Truth be told, I've dedicated most of my day to Jane Carlyle: Newly Selected Letters, a reading for my Scottish Women class.

After a quick shopping errand, I grabbed a quick lunch at Gregg's. A savory pastry and a tea for 2 pound 20? I can't complain. 

I spent a couple hours at Starbucks (I swear I'm addicted to the place, especially now that I've discovered their hazelnut hot chocolate) before heading home to work on reading at my dorm for the rest of the evening. It appears that's what my life here is going to be: constant reading! 

Probably the furthest from right my
name has ever been

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