Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fife Food Fest!

Another busy day! Which is great, if for no other reason than that it's much more interesting to read about than me relating my adventures reading books in coffee shops. 

This morning, my JSA friends and I went to the Fife Food Festival. There were a multitude of vendors from around the county with samples and wares to buy. We tried everything from whiskey cheese (surprisingly delicious) to strawberry cider to carrot cake. 

I was able to resist everything except the macarons. I bought eight: 2 chocolate, 2 lavender, 1 rose, 1 chocolate passion fruit, 1 chocolate mint, and 1 earl grey. 

Before we left, we visited the room with hot food vendors selling meals. I caved and bought some Japanese pork dumpling, which were absolutely delicious. We decided to walk back by the route that goes along the beach while eating our yummy food. 

Reunited with my favorite food

After Skyping my family (I'm still weirded out by the time difference, to be honest) and doing some reading for my Scottish women class, I headed out to Lucy's house. Lucy shares a cute little cottage in town with two almost reminded me of Sense and Sensibility! 

As Lucy and I are equally incompetent in the kitchen, we had a bit of an adventure making pasta. But we accomplished it without burning the pasta or the house! 

We watched The Riot Club, a fantastic movie with many of my favorite actresses and set at Oxford University. It was every bit as good as I hoped it would be, and I'd been wanting to see it for months! We then giggled our way through watching videos and creeping through old Facebook photos (thanks to Lucy's comment on it, my Alistair Brammer photo is now back on the timeline and getting likes...). It was such a lovely way to end the weekend and I feel a lot better about being in St Andrews now that I have a friend I can have a great time with. xx

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  1. So blessed! Thanks for taking us along on the journey! Great Pics!! Papa Miller would be proud of those! love love!