Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Machiavelli and Making a Friend

Perhaps first, I should clarify that making a friend and Machiavelli have nothing to do with each other. In fact, if you're trying to make friends, I would advise you to steer clear from Machiavelli's advice. However, it's a very apt description of my day.

I spent the morning in my room, reading Machiavelli's The Prince. It certainly must have been a revolutionary political work in its time, but it's surprisingly very readable. Finally, in the early afternoon, I packed up to head into town.

Sorry for the horrendous lighting, but have I mentioned
how much I love my new bag??
I stopped into the drugstore, Boots, on my way to the library to buy myself the new red lipstick I promised myself in exchange for actually going to auditions. I chose a Rimmel London (appropriate, right?) matte lipstick and it's the most beautiful lipstick I've ever worn. Well worth the nervousness of auditioning! 

I was so excited to find my favorite British drink (anyone who read my blog this summer will remember it well!) at the library's cafe. I haven't found it anywhere else yet so I was overjoyed! Although, I think the people around me were a little concerned that I was taking selfies with a drink bottle...

After more reading at the library, I met up with my friend, Lucy, for dinner. Lucy and I first "met" on Twitter many months back because of our shared interest in theatre...then I realized that she goes to St Andrews, so it seemed imperative that we become friends! She's been a huge help to me already in recommending things to do and what to expect from living here. We decided to meet up for dinner so we could finally meet in person! 

She introduced me to Blackhorn, a fantastic and inexpensive burger place. Then, we walked down to her favorite cafe, Taste, for tea and coffee. It's an adorable tiny cafe with a sign on the wall that says, "Where Kate dumped Wills" that made me laugh. It's just the charming sort of place that I hoped to find here. 

I'm not much for burgers, but this one was absolutely
Tea at Taste! 
Me and Lucy...with many filters to combat the horrid lighting
I'm super excited for's strange that today marks the second week anniversary of moving into my room, yet tomorrow is only my second day of classes! xx

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  1. Happy to see Lucy and you, both smiles are lovely!!