Thursday, February 5, 2015

Second Day of Classes

Today was my second day of classes! I have to admit that it's kind of strange to leave my room at 10:30am and not get back to it until it's dark outside.

Sometimes you need your favorite hat and red lipstick to
help you get through four hours of classes
Both of my classes went very well and I even managed to run a few errands in between them, in addition to having a fantastic minestrone soup at Pret.

Yummy lunch at Pret a Manger
 I decided to grab dinner on my way back because I was starving! One of the Indian restaurants that is on my way home has a student deal: a starter, a main dish, a mini salad, rice, naan, and a poppadom for just 7 pounds! The food was delicious, except the naan which was very disappointing.

The prettiest dinner I've had yet
I'm having a relaxing night so that I can hopefully get a lot accomplished tomorrow. I learned from last week's mistakes and went to the library today during my break between classes to get the books I need for this week...couldn't risk them already being checked out again!

I may even watch a movie later...after several nights of staying up late doing reading, I sure need it! xx

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