Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Meeting the Theologians

This morning, I got up early (okay, early for my new schedule) and headed into town to attempt to buy a ticket for the DRA ball that is next weekend. Unfortunately they hit their cut-off of 100 tickets to sell today when I was two people from the front of the line. So I get to try again tomorrow morning nice and early!

Understandably, I was pretty bummed about it, so I treated myself to a tea and a pain au chocolat at Starbucks. 

I spent a few hours at Starbucks accomplishing some reading before Lucy invited me to hang out with her between her classes. She offered to introduce me to her theology friends and give me free tea, so I couldn't say no (not that I would have anyways). 

I discovered the St Mary's quad, which is one of the most beautiful places I've seen at St Andrews thus far. The theology students have a student lounge with free tea and coffee and lots of comfy sofas. It was so nice to meet some of Lucy's friends, several of whom were actually Americans! 

When Lucy had to go to her other class, I headed back to Starbucks for more reading and a mango passion fruit frap. After that I went to Pret because I was craving one of their mini Victoria sponge cakes. (Yes, Uncle Wayne, I'm aware that my entire blog is mostly food...) 

As my best friend, Alex, said when I sent him this picture:
"so british"
When I finally couldn't take any more reading on John Calvin, I returned my books to the library and grabbed some beef teriyaki noodles from Dr. Noodles, which were absolutely delicious.

I got a package in the mail today from Mum...some of which, I can't open until Valentine's Day! It was so nice to get something from home (I'm also just super excited about the ramen). I've had a relaxing evening of reading, putting together a video, and Skyping a friend, which was wonderful after a day spent completely in town. xx

Thank you Mom and Aunt Terry!

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