Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Persistence, or the Nature of Success

Today was another one of those days that I'm afraid are very boring for you to read about, though I do feel very accomplished. The most exciting thing that I did today was go sit and wait in line for about 45 minutes...but this time, I actually got my ticket! So, yes, I am now the proud owner of one ticket to the Midsummer Night's Dream themed ball next weekend and I couldn't be prouder of myself. Persistence really does pay off, kids.

I spent a good deal of the day working on my application for the Lumen Award, a grant that my university back home gives out. It basically involves putting together a large research proposal, which is incredibly daunting and time-consuming.

In between working on that mammoth task, I returned books to the library, smiled at toddlers in Starbucks, and checked my blog statistics. I really do lead a fascinating life.

I discovered a new cafe today! My lunch only cost 2
pounds. #thrifty
A Starbucks triple hot chocolate in their special
Valentines heart cup #aww
This evening, I participated in (and live-tweeted) a webinar about the nature of relationships and public relations. I actually learned quite a lot and it was rewarding to see my tweets on the Storify of the event (a compilation of all the tweets using the hashtag).

After reheating yesterday's leftovers for dinner, I got to Skype with Lauren (with a brief appearance by Stefanie!). It was so nice to get caught up on news from back home and see Lauren's smiling face.

Tomorrow, I actually have a structured day because I have (gasp!) classes, so it will be an early night for me. But for now, back to reading about Enlightenment-era French salons. xx

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