Saturday, February 28, 2015

On the Town

Yesterday morning, I headed over to the Gateway cafe to get some work done. I actually accomplished a fair amount, had a delicious lunch of a bacon and cheddar panini, and drank three pots of tea. 

I went with Ali to pick up our tickets for the rugby game that we're going to today from Andrew Melville Hall. I'd never seen Melville up close before and now I'm very thankful that I don't live there. It honestly has a rather eerie was used in the dystopian movie "Never Let Me Go" (with Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield) as a school for children who were being raised to be organ donors. And I completely understand why they chose it.

No thanks.
I made myself a baked potato with cheese and bacon for dinner! So maybe I overloaded on the bacon yesterday...

Last night, Christina, Ali, and I went out. We started at one of the bars at the Student Union, which was super fun and had a good vibe. However, no one was really dancing yet and we wanted to dance (like always!) so we headed over to one of the other popular bars, the Vic. It turned out to be super crowded and the DJ wasn't very good at all. But we'd paid 4 pounds (2 to get in, 2 to check out coats) so we figured we had to stay for a while. We left around 1:45am to escape the 2am closing time rush. I was up for checking out Dervish, the place where all the students go to grab food after being out, but the line was quite long so we just headed back instead. 

Overall, it was a bit disappointing, but at least we learned that we should just stay at the Union! xx

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