Friday, February 27, 2015

Catching Up

Sorry for the recent radio silence on my part. I've been rather busy over the past two days.

Wednesday, when I dragged myself out of bed, I went into town and actually got a seat in the Student Union cafe (I haven't been able to for about two weeks!). Amongst buying my Big Top Ball ticket and grabbing a few grocery items, I managed to do almost all of the work for my presentation.

Love my polka dot bobble hat
I missed this 
This chocolate mint frap was sooo good and much
cheaper than Starbucks
I was also super excited to get my package from Mum when I got home. The Last Five Years movie soundtrack and watermelon sour patch kids? I was over the moon.

I attempted to make a fancy open faced sandwich for dinner, but it was one of the worst things I've ever attempted to eat. I ended up throwing it away to eat toast. You can't win every battle, I suppose. 

Yesterday, I had an incredibly busy day! I had both of my classes, including my presentation which I think went fairly well. 

I went to Pret for lunch to reward myself with prosciutto mac & cheese. Yes, that's spilled tea on my tray. Yes, I spent about 10 minutes cleaning spilled tea off of the tray, table, and my clothing because the lady poured it too full. Yes, I was annoyed. 

On my way back from town, I bought myself from fish & chips from Cromar's again. #soyummy

Last night, the History Society did a decades themed pub crawl. I decided to go dressed as a flapper! I was actually having a great time and making friends for the first time since orientation, but I had to leave after only one pub to go back to the dorm and do my housing sign-up for Elon next spring.

"Gatsby? What Gatsby?" 
Unfortunately, right about as I stepped foot into the building, Stefanie got the email that the apartments we wanted were full. (I checked online and they were full for me too. I've still not gotten the email, though, which is part of my annoyance at Elon Housing.)

I was a bit annoyed considering I couldn't go rejoin the pub crawl (as I didn't know where they were at and it was a thirty minute walk into town) but I'd left for no reason. I ended up curling up in bed with a movie and my clotted cream & strawberries ice cream so the night wasn't a total loss. xx

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