Sunday, February 15, 2015

Today I Never Left My Hall

And when I say hall, I don't mean "hall of residence." I never even went downstairs. No regrets.

I let myself sleep in to make up for the sleep I've missed this weekend and then I spent the day doing reading for my classes and making myself actual real food.

I had a few mishaps, but managed to make myself a prosciutto and cheese "toastie" on my kitchenmate's George Forman grill for lunch. It was actually very delicious!
I was so eager to get a bite of it, I didn't wait to take a picture...

I made breakfast for dinner (complete with American bacon!) and my fried egg with runny yolk actually turned out perfectly this time! I was so excited.
I can now make breakfast. Don't ask more of me, please.

The only other exciting thing I did today was listen to The Last Five Years movie while I did reading. Hey, I never promised I'd always be interesting.

If you want to read more about my adventures in cooking, a post will be going up on my other blog about it tomorrow. xx

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