Friday, March 20, 2015

Back to Brighton

This morning we took a train from London Victoria Station to Brighton! I spent four weeks this summer at the University of Sussex in Brighton as part of the International Summer School and I absolutely fell in love with the seaside town. I wanted to show my family where I spent the summer and it's only an hour by train, so we decided to spend the day there.

Will I ever stop being excited about seeing
posters with Killian Donnelly's face on them?
Probably not.

One of the main tourist attractions in Brighton is the Brighton Pavilion, a former royal residence built in the Mughal Indian style. It was built in the 1800s by George IV, but later sold by Queen Victoria who disliked it for its lack of privacy. It's actually the only royal residence in England not owned by the royal family or the state as the city of Brighton bought it in the 1850s.

Its sumptuous Chinese decor inside and lavish furnishing make it easily one of the most impressive buildings I've ever been inside. Unfortunately, no photography is allowed, so you'll have to take my word for it!

After a lovely tour and tea at the Pavilion Cafe, we headed down to the beach to see the water. It's quite a bit chillier in March than June but it was still fun to frolic around. I hate sand so I really love that the Brighton beach has little pebbles instead!

(Hannah brought back a bag of pebbles which I've dubbed "Kristoff's family.")

Then we took a walk down the Brighton Pier. While not as bustling as it is in the summer, it was quite crowded for a Friday afternoon and we had a lovely walk even if Mum did freak out a bit about being able to see the water between the planks of the pier. 

Then we walked up to the train station to catch the train back into the city. For dinner, we went to a restaurant by our hotel called The Island Grill. My meal wasn't spectacular, but my dessert certainly was! It was an apple charlotte with cinnamon ice cream...yum! xx

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