Thursday, March 19, 2015

Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

The name of this post comes from the rhyme about Henry VIII's wives...which I repeated many times today when asked questions about their fates!

Today we headed out to Hampton Court Palace, on the outskirts of London, which is well known for being the home of King Henry VIII. I went with my class and my teacher this past summer, but I didn't get to do the audio guides which were quite informative. Hampton Court is one of my favorite palaces, possibly just because I love Anne Boleyn.

Alyssa Campanella inspired selfie
They have cloaks that you can wear??? 

Hanging with my lady, Margaret Beaufort,
Henry VIII's grandmother and the subject
of my paper last summer
In the Great Hall 
Tonight, we journeyed back to the West End for Hannah and Dad to see Matilda and Mum and me to see Miss Saigon. I saw it this past summer with the main cast, but tonight we had several covers (Niall Sheehy as Chris, Tanya Manalang, and several others). 

Of course, I loved seeing Jon Jon Briones as the Engineer again but I was really impressed by Niall's Chris. If I sound surprised, it's only because I saw my favorite actor (Alistair Brammer) as Chris this past summer and was worried about liking anyone else....but Niall blew me away! 

Our seats were incredible!
Kwang Ho (Thuy)
Niall Sheehy (Chris) 
Rachelle Ann Go (Gigi)--who is ridiculously pretty
Tanya Manalang (Kim)

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