Saturday, March 14, 2015

Boarding the Royal Yacht

I'm writing this from the (relative) comfort of our hotel room in Edinburgh! Granted, the room is very small, the parking is very limited, and the wifi is only allowed on two devices per room (what year is this???), so they've not won many points yet...but we are here!

Today, we packed up the van and went for a lovely breakfast at my St Andrews Starbucks before making the drive to Edinburgh. It's a lovely drive up through the sheep-dotted Scottish countryside. We decided to head straight to HMY (Her Majesty's Yacht) the Britannia, which was amazing. It was built in the 1950s and used by the Queen's family until 1997 when it was converted into a tourist attraction.

The yacht is absolutely gorgeous, without ever being ostentatious. It's so strange to think that William and Harry grew up visiting the yacht and today, we were on it! We even got to see the Queen's bedroom on the yacht. I was surprised by how much they had open for viewing. However, one of the best parts was having tea on the yacht! 

Her Majesty's place setting from the yacht's china 

After touring all of the yacht, we drove into Edinburgh to find our hotel. This city is terrible for parking...
We went to Bella Italia for dinner, which is a lovely Italian chain. Our food was delicious and I had a pasta of egg noodles and ragu, followed by a beautiful hot chocolate!

It's an early bedtime for us so we can get up early tomorrow to go exploring castles! xx

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