Friday, March 13, 2015

Showing Off My Town

Today, I got to show off my new home to my family. This morning, I woke up and got ready and headed over to have breakfast at the hotel with my parents! The hotel does a beautiful full Scottish breakfast spread...also Hannah was mostly excited about the cheese.

I think Hannah is confused about breakfast
Hannah doesn't like the sea smell
After breakfast, we just headed up the street that runs along the water for a walk. We passed my class building, the castle ruins, and ended up walking all the way up to the pier and the cathedral ruins! I'd actually never been out on the pier before.

So much history in this town!
Every Sunday, there is a "pier walk" procession 
Cathedral ruins & cemetery...bets on it being haunted?
After exploring, we decided to head back into the main part of town. We stopped in Waterstones and then headed to Cromar's (my favorite!) for a lunch of fish & chips.

Hannah's new Peppa Pig
Cromar's "Fish Tea": fish & chips with a pot of tea!
I knew that I had to take them to Fisher & Donaldson's bakery and I'm so glad I did! I decided that the perfect place to enjoy our treats was St. Mary's Quad...I'm so glad that Lucy introduced me to it because it's one of my favorite places in town.

Peppermint Meringue
Hannah and Hamish
 We ended up popping into Costa after getting my suitcase from my dorm room. I tried out a Belgian chocolate frap...It was super yummy even if it wasn't quite the same as being in Belgium (hope you're having a fabulous time, Lucy! x).

Back at the hotel room, I decided to go ahead and give the family their birthday presents. Unfortunately, as all their birthdays fall in March and April, I'm missing all of them. 

Dad's new shirt! 
Part of Hannah's present 
Mum with her gift
For dinner, I had to introduce Mum and Hannah to was so good, I still feel like I'm in a food coma.

Mum and my dinner 

Tomorrow, we're leaving St Andrews to head to's a bit strange to be leaving this town after having been here for so many weeks. Definitely a big change from my normal routine of reading and hanging out at Starbucks! To be honest, I'm most excited to see all the places that Mary Queen of Scots lived! xx

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