Monday, March 16, 2015

"I've Come Home from So Far"

We are in LONDON at last! Coming to London always feels a bit like coming home for some reason. Dad's very relieved to not have to drive any more now that we're out of Scotland and have returned our rent-a-car!

We had a very pleasant flight in British Airways and as much as we liked Edinburgh, nothing compares to London.


So British.
Our hotel room had the cutest little touches in it. Robes, chocolates, and lots of tea! It's nice to be back here. 

We spent the afternoon having a late lunch/tea with Dad's old work friend, Mike. It was lovely to get to catch up! Then we changed clothes and headed into the West End to have a quick dinner before seeing Les Miserables.

Is there anything that can compare to seeing your favorite show in your favorite city? At least for me, there isn't. 

Inside the gorgeous Queen's Theatre
Hopefully, I'll have a full review of the show up on my other blog next week. It was absolutely fantastic, even though we had the cover Valjean and Javert who both turned out to be splendid. Of course, Hannah and I were mostly excited about Carrie Hope Fletcher as Eponine! There's nothing like Les Mis to remind me why I love theatre...and to get rid of all my eye makeup with buckets of tears. It has to be said that three songs stood out tonight as particularly incredible: Celinde Schoenmaker's "I Dreamed a Dream," Carrie's "On My Own" (which was somehow even better than normal), and Rob Houchen's "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables."

James Gant, the incredible Javert cover...
like Russell Crowe with much better vocals!
With the ever incredible Wendy Ferguson (Madame Thenardier) 
With my favorite Marius ever (who I've seen 3 times!),
Rob Houchen 
With Simon Shorten (cover Valjean)
With Michael Colburn (Enjolras), who's looking very hipster
With Christian Edwards, probably the best Grantaire ever 
And of course, with the lovely Eponine/YouTuber/author/
real life Disney Princess, Carrie Hope Fletcher

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