Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shopping Expedition

Today, we decided to sleep until we woke up. Which happened to be 10 am! After multiple flights and busy days in Scotland, we certainly needed it.

We took the Underground to Oxford Street, which is London's largest shopping street. It's a bit of a mad house! Hannah really wanted to go to Hamley's, after going in the little one at the airport, so we headed there. It's a giant toy store with seven floors and lots of staff doing demonstrations of cool toys. I honestly don't know how we escaped with only two items...

Hannah was not thrilled with the 1000 pound gorilla 
She was thrilled by the Peppa Pig section, however 

A telephone booth made of legos! 
My nutella and chocolate digestive milkshake 
After Hamley's, we headed to Primark because the family had never been before. Primark is a shopping chain in the UK that's somewhat similar to Forever 21, although I think the styles are better and the clothes are cheaper. For example, I got an adorable pair of hunter green Keds style sneakers for three pounds! We had quite a shop around before leaving with two huge bags.

I got very excited about seeing Killian Donnelly
on a Memphis poster in the Tube station
For dinner we went to our favorite restaurant in London, which is just minutes from the hotel, Taormina. It's authentic Italian food, run by Italians, and it's delicious!

My fav: fried zucchini 
I always pretend that I might order something else, but I
always order a cannelloni 
Orange sorbet in an orange?!?!
A relaxed day is exactly what we needed. Get ready, because we're going somewhere magical tomorrow...xx

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