Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Modern Day Cosette

Lucy said that I looked like a modern-day Cosette today. I can kind of see it!

Today I went into town to hand in my essay and return some library books. I decided to stop for lunch at Pret...oh how I've missed Pret the past couple of days!

I was happy to get back to my room when I did though...because about 30 minutes later, it started hailing! It only lasted for about 10 minutes but it was still a bit scary.

This afternoon, I had a Skype interview for an internship for this summer and then worked on my presentation for Thursday. For dinner, I made peas and a lovely pastry with baked beans inside. Not exactly healthy, but oh so yummy.

I promise that tomorrow, I'm actually going out into the world to meet people...I'm having lunch with Lucy. xx

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