Monday, March 30, 2015

Reviewing the Situation

Today, amongst completing lots of other little tasks (including reorganizing my desk shelves), I wrote two reviews: my book review for my class due Wednesday and my review of Les Miserables.

I'm so excited that I got my book review finished today so I can go into town and turn it in tomorrow, a day ahead of time! I have a presentation in my other class on Thursday so it's nice to have this paper out of the way.

I know it's taken forever, but exactly two weeks after I saw it, I finally wrote my review of Les Miserables in the West End. I broke it into performance by actor for the main was going really well until I got to Christian Edwards as Grantaire and I devolved into "He is perfect."

I also made myself a lovely dinner of pasta and chicken "goujons" as they call them here (seriously why do they need such a fancy name for chicken tenders?). I'm very excited to actually go to town tomorrow and eat lunch in a restaurant. xx

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