Sunday, March 29, 2015

Quest for Cake

Today, I really wanted cake. So, obviously, I want cake in a very passive manner most days but today was different. I watched several vlogs of my favorite YouTuber Zoe Sugg's birthday party and saw her massive rainbow layer cake and then also saw Hannah's cake for her birthday party which was today. 

Everything was cake and everything hurt. So finally, I decided that it was worth the walk into town and the break from my work to get some cake. And I also decided to chronicle my cake quest via Snapchat. 

I ended up going ahead with my weekly grocery shopping trip while I was there and picked up some more veggie burgers, some sweet potato fries, and some ranch dressing!
healthy dinner makes eating cake better, right?
Honestly other than my quest for cake, today was just a normal day of work. Tomorrow classes start back up so all the students will be back! It'll be wonderful to actually see people around, even if it does mean I'll have to fight for a seat in Pret again. xx

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