Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Think Positive

You know how I said yesterday that I just had to hope tomorrow would be better? Well, it definitely was. My cold, on the other hand, refuses to get better. 

Today when I headed into town, I stopped into St Mary's to say hello to Lucy before getting started on my work. I spent four hours at Starbucks (I think the baristas thought I'd moved in permanently), accomplishing reading and drinking tea. On my way back from town, I even ran a few quick errands. 

Lunch & Reading
When I got back, I continued to accomplish things like outlining my essay and outlining my winter term application. More importantly, I instagrammed a picture of my new inspirational sticky notes, inspired by two of my favorite vloggers. And then one of them favorited my tweet! 
I'm going to read these to myself every morning!

Jim Chapman is my favorite,
so I freaked out. A lot. 
Since my day was going so well, I decided to make myself a real dinner. By "real dinner," I mean something not made in the microwave. Sure, it was only pasta with tomato sauce from a jar but that's still an accomplishment for me!

I also just signed up for housing for next year back at Elon and actually got us the four person apartment that we wanted. Today is one of those days that, while not spectacular, is productive and lovely. I found out that another friend of mine is applying for the same winter term that I am, I was acknowledged online by someone that I really admire, and I accomplished an incredible amount of reading. I think there really is power in thinking positively.

So for the rest of the evening, I'll be shifting between reading for next week and watching Tangled.

On a side note, this is my fiftieth post. Can you believe it!? Thanks for coming along for the journey. xx

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