Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Belong to Me

Despite being the busiest day of the week and my day of classes, today was a splendid day. 

My classes both went rather well and I got back my mark on my Machiavelli essay! I got a 15.0 (which roughly translates to a B+) which is a rather good grade, particularly for my module, that I'm quite happy with. As usual, I went to Pret for lunch. I even treated myself to a little Victoria Sponge cake. 

As for dinner, I got my usual fish and chips. I also ran into Sainsbury's real quickly to get a few things mostly because I ran out of tissues last night. I also ended up buying some microwavable baked beans, sugar snap peas, and Peppa Pig yogurts (I couldn't resist). 

Tonight, I got to attend the Gilbert & Sullivan Society's Cabaret. My friend, Lucy, performed a song from the German musical Elisabeth das Musical, based on the life of Empress Elisabeth (or Sissi) of might recognize her in this painting. I won't even attempt to write the name of the song in German, but it translates in English to "I Belong to Me." Lucy sang her song incredibly well...I almost cried! Everybody was so lovely and it was just such a nice atmosphere. 

After the cabaret, Lucy took me to Dervish for the first time! Dervish is the place people go when they're out late...we split a cheesy chips and they were truly magical. 

Typically Thursdays are a bit stressful because of classes, but today was absolutely lovely, even if I was incredibly tired from another sleepless night of coughing...hopefully I'll finally get a full night's sleep tonight! xx

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