Monday, March 23, 2015

Too Much for One Heart

Waking up this morning was a bit difficult. I was missing my family and London (I mean, I still am). I spent a couple of hours doing adult-y things like laundry and making a doctor's appointment, but when I went to the kitchen to fix a cup of tea and get breakfast I found an incredible surprise.

They've started delivering our mail to our kitchens which, to someone who is used to having to go to a mail center to get her letters, seems a bit ridiculous. When I walked into the kitchen this morning, there was an envelope with my name on it. My immediate thought was that there were only 3 people I could expect mail from:

1) My mother, who had just left this country
2) Lucy, who had no reason to send me mail
3) Hugh Maynard, whose CD I won in a drawing but who told me I wouldn't get it until later this month

Thus, you can imagine my confusion. When I opened it and realized who it was from, I had to set it back down to jump around the kitchen. A couple of weeks ago, I sent a card to Killian Donnelly. He's been one of my favorite actors since I was in high school; he played Combeferre in the Les Miserables movie and is nominated for this year's Olivier award for Best Actor in a Musical. I saw him last summer in The Commitments and he was so incredibly nice to Stefanie and me and it made us feel so much better as it was our first night in London.

In any case, Killian sent me back an incredibly sweet note (he apologized for his delay in responding, but he actually had perfect timing!) and a signed card from the show he's in now.

He completely made my day and that letter is now one of my most treasured belongings, as you might guess. He's such a lovely man. 

When I finally calmed down enough to go out in public (hehe), I headed into town to hang out at the Student Union cafe. With all the students gone this week, it's easy to get a table anywhere in town! I spent a couple of hours there working on this and that before heading to Tesco's to grab this week's groceries. 

On my way out of town, I decided to stop into Subway for the first time. I got a sandwich with ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and ranch. Yes, ranch, which sounds a bit odd but was actually delicious. Plus, it was under 3 pounds! 

I ate dinner while watching the last episode of Gossip Girl. I never watched the series when it aired, but I decided to give it a try this fall (okay, yes, mostly just because Aaron Tveit was a recurring guest star). I quickly fell in love with it and the character of Blair Waldorf. Somehow I got through six seasons in only a handful of months and it honestly feels a bit strange that I'm finished with it now! 

Now, I'm off to watch Sunday night's episode of Once Upon a Time and then get some much-needed sleep. I think I'm still recovering from yesterday's travel. x

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