Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

So first of all, a huge thank you to Uncle Wayne and Aunt Mary Jo for the goodies! I haven't had a chance to post about it with all the travel chaos. Can't wait to open my Easter present...and I love the card, MC! Family is the best. :)

I decided today would be a fantastic day, thus I wore my hat. This hat must be magical or something because I never have a bad day while wearing it.

Also, I no longer need my winter coat! #hallelujah
Today my little sister Hannah turned 12 years old and it was strange to be away from her for the first time on her birthday. But at least I got to Skype her for nearly 2 hours. But seriously...how did 12 years go by so quickly? It seems like just a couple of years ago that Aunt Terry, Aunt Kathy, and I were in the hospital waiting room.

happy birthday cornflake
Today actually turned out to be a rather productive day. I figured out which bus to take to my doctor's appointment on Thursday, got books I needed from the library, reloaded my Starbucks card, and did a quick grocery run (I needed eggs and breadcrumbs for the asparagus I bought yesterday).

I also popped into Waterstones because I heard that some stores were getting Alfie Deyes' second book in early, even though it's not supposed to be out until Thursday....and look what I found!!!

In other PointlessBlog related things, Alfie recently did a video called "10 Years Time" and invited viewers to respond via comment or video. So I made a video discussing where I see myself being in ten years. Check it out:

Thus far, the best thing about the second week of spring break (Okay, the second best thing. The best thing is obviously getting a letter from Killian) is that I can get a table anywhere I go. Typically at Pret, I have to wait five minutes to get a table but today there were empty seats to choose from. I'm going to miss that when everyone gets back....but it'll be worth it to hang out with Lucy again. xx

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