Monday, April 27, 2015

Let the Revising Begin!

Today is my first official day of revision period...which is slightly scary. Both of my exams happen to fall in the second week of exams, which means that I have three weeks to study for them. I've decided that it's best to try to accomplish as much as possible this week and then take the weekend completely off since I have May Dip and May Ball (two important St Andrews traditions)...and then recovery from May Dip and May Ball. 

Today, the teacher of my Scottish Women course hosted a revision session so I went into town a bit early and had a lovely lunch at Pret while I started working on notecards. I have to admit, I'm going to miss Pret and my lovely ham & mini pickle sandwich quite a lot. 

i'm going to miss mango juice too
After my revision session (which made me feel a lot better about that exam!), I returned to Pret to celebrate getting back  my last essay grade with a chocolate croissant and a hot tea...My teacher had recommended that since we studied ten women and there will be nine possible questions from which we choose three, it would be a good idea to revise 5-6 of the women instead of all of them. Since we're choosing three questions to answer, we'll be able to avoid the ones we didn't study! That made me feel much better about everything.

I finally decided that I might as well head back to my room, where I completed some more studying. Then I made a delicious dinner of a Mexican veggie burger (another thing I'll miss!) and sugar snap peas.  After Skyping briefly with the head of the Lumen Scholars, I worked a bit more before getting some non-school things accomplished.

And Scotland vlog with footage from spring break is edited and uploaded. Enjoy! xx

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