Friday, April 10, 2015


The title of this post makes it sound like it's going to be very profound and's not. That simply happens to be the subject of the paper that I spent most of today working on!

Today, I got up and finished my reading for my Scottish Women class this coming week so that at least that would be out of the way. I showered, watched the new interview with Corey Cott while getting ready, and promptly realized that I needed to go to the library to get books.

Confession: I hate going into town to do something and then walk all the way back here. But I did it anyways, because I knew that I needed to be productive today!

I spent the whole afternoon and evening doing reading and taking notes for my essay. There's a lot still to do for it, but I think I have a much better grasp on what I'm going to write about.

Sorry for the (incredibly) boring post, but I promise tomorrow's will be more fun...because tomorrow I'm going to my second ball! xx

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