Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Rather Rough Day

It only seems fair that after a row of such wonderful days, I should have a bit of a rough one. Which isn't to say that today was completely bad, only that I was quite stressed out about schoolwork which cast a dark cloud over the whole day. I have two essays due next week which I'm quite worried about.

I suppose I rarely discuss my coursework on here (I don't know if anyone would find it interesting?), but it's very different than back home. Essays are marked on a 20 point scale, though it's my understanding that it's very rare to score above an 18. I mostly get 14s, 15s, and 16s which I understand are the equivalent of Bs or low As (it's all a bit unclear). In all honesty, it's lower grades that I'm used to receiving and that was really bothering me today. But then I realized that if I'm trying and getting Bs but I'm happy, then maybe that's what should be happening. Maybe it's not worth it to attempt higher grades but make myself miserable in doing so by missing out on things and not taking care of myself. These are the thoughts that I was consumed by today.

Regardless of all this mental fog, I went to both of my classes, had a nice chat with one of my teachers to clear up my essay topic, and spent a lovely few hours at Starbucks.

This sandwich is called a "bacon buttie" hehe
I spent the rest of my evening working on reading and drinking tea and watching YouTube videos to put myself in a nicer mood. I also finally got my package that Mum shipped weeks ago and I'm very excited to have my Topshop Joni jeans here with me!

Here's to a productive and eventful weekend ahead! xx

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