Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Best Frappe Ever

Today, I actually pulled myself out of bed at a semi-decent hour to run a few errands in town. I turned in my paper (yay!), returned some books to the library, and picked up some books that I'd requested.

I decided to stop in at Rector's Cafe for a bit of lunch before heading back out to North Haugh. I had a very yummy vegetable soup with large hunks of bread...and as a reward for finishing my essay a day early (and because it was far too warm out to drink tea!) I got a chocolate mint frappe. Rector's does incredible frappes, for just 2.50 pounds which is a much better deal than Starbucks'!

Looking at this photo is making me want another one right now!
I've spent this afternoon and evening trying to work on my next essay, although my brain decided to turn off after turning in my other paper...but, I've tried! I also registered for classes for the fall, which seems crazy to even think about.

As of now, I'm just waiting to Skype with my research mentor for some tips for an interview I have tomorrow and trying to finish off one more reading before I give up for the night. I'm so looking forward to this weekend, which I'm planning on taking completely off and catching up on making vlogs and blog posts! xx

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