Monday, April 13, 2015

One Down, One to Go

I spent today doing laundry and writing my essay.

That's right, I wrote nearly 2700 words today about skepticism in the sixteenth-century. And yes, I'm absolutely exhausted now. It's turned in online and tomorrow I'll head over to St Katherines Lodge to turn in the paper copy!

I did treat myself to a lovely dinner of pasta with marinara sauce, spinach, and chicken tenders as a break in between writing the essay and editing it.

The only picture I took today...okay, other than my screenshot
of one of my favorite actors favoriting my tweet hehe
Now that this essay is finished, tomorrow I get to...start working on my other essay. I lead a thrilling life, I know! The good news is that after this last essay the only thing I have left are my final exams! xx

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