Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Olivier Awards

Let me just say that articles about Renaissance skepticism are never fun, but they're especially not fun right after waking up from less than eight hours of sleep. Regardless, that's what I spent my morning on.

After I finished my research and wrote my outline, I went to the grocery store to stock up on food for the week (mostly because I was out of tea and bread and pasta and...everything?). Then it was back home to do reading for class, until time for the Olivier Awards!

Unfortunately, the Olivier Awards (which are the West End equivalent to the Tony Awards) aren't streamed live so I had to content myself with the live Twitter feed until the recap on TV at 10:15pm. It was so exciting to see red carpet pictures of all my favorites though! Unfortunately, no one that I wanted to won...personally I think that Memphis was robbed of Best Musical and that Killian Donnelly 100% deserved Best Actor in a Musical.

(On a side note, the TV coverage was terrible. For example, they only showed a clip of Angela Lansbury accepting her award and they showed the celebrities in the audience instead of the musical theatre actors...learn your demographic, people.)

I had to eat this glorious donut to cheer myself up...
On the bright side, both Memphis the Musical and Miss Saigon had electrifying performances. There's nothing like seeing your favorite musical theatre actor on your TV screen. And I was especially happy to see Eva Noblezada's crazy to think that she's younger than I am and that only a little over a year ago, she was a high school student in North Carolina! xx

Killian Donnelly in Memphis the Musical 
Eva Noblezada in Miss Saigon

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