Thursday, April 2, 2015

When Things Go Right

Today was one of the best days that I've had this entire year thus far. Everything just seemed to go right, starting with finding out the news that I got into the "Science of Happiness" Disney Winter Term class for January 2016 as soon as I woke up this morning!

My presentation in my Scottish Women class seemed to go quite well and at any rate, it's over! I also had a lovely lunch of proscuitto mac & cheese at Pret.

I also found out today that Lucy and I, along with some of Lucy's friends, won the ballot to get a table for May Ball! Which means that we'll get dinner and VIP access to everything, so I'm quite happy.

This morning as I walked by the packages table, I saw that my CD from Hugh Maynard had arrived! Hugh plays John in Miss Saigon (but I've never gotten to see him! I always get his understudy) and he recently released his first solo album. He did a giveaway on Facebook and I actually won! So my free CD got here today and I couldn't be more pleased. I'll be doing a review on my other blog soon, but I'm listening to it right now and I already know it's going to be something I'll listen to all the time.

After my second class, I met up with Lucy and we came back to my place to film a video! It was my first time filming with someone else in a long time and it was so much fun. We did the Best Friends Challenge; keep an eye out because I'll be putting it up soon!

Filming selfie
After eating dinner and just relaxing some in my room, discussing life with musical theatre videos playing on my computer (the best way to hang out), we went to see Cinderella. As Lucy said, that movie should be illegal because it's too cute. Richard Madden is so so so perfect as Prince Kit and he absolutely won our hearts! I also nearly fell out of my seat over the cuteness of the new Frozen short they're showing before the movie!
emotionally wrecked by cinderella
In other news, two weeks after I saw it, I finally wrote my review of Miss Saigon. Check it out!

It was just a really fantastic day...I wish all days could be like today! xx

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