Friday, May 8, 2015

Farewell Reception

Today, Christina and I attended the Study Abroad Farewell Reception. It was much more low key than I expected to be honest (although perhaps I'm simply spoiled by the University of Sussex's farewell reception which included a multi-course meal, contests, and guest speakers). They simply asked us what we enjoyed about our time at St Andrews and implored us to spread the word about the program at our home universities. We did get free t-shirts, pens, and mints so I suppose I can't complain.

My outfit today felt very Jane Bennet-y
Much more exciting than the Farewell Reception: today I had to laugh about the irony of the fact that I elected to watch last night's episode of Reign while eating breakfast instead of doing reading and then when I did the was about the Protestant rebellion in France following King Henri II's death, which is also the topic of the current season of Reign. Naturally, I tweeted about it and Alan van Sprang (who played Henri on Reign!) retweeted it!

After the Farewell Reception, Christina and I decided to grab some food at Dervish. While it was absolutely delicious, I have to admit that I've felt icky since then! I guess my stomach wanted healthier food. xx

Pizza and Cheesy Chips

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