Saturday, May 23, 2015

Help Me Say Goodbye

Today was full of goodbyes. After getting up and showering and getting everything packed up, I said goodbye to my flatmates. Emily, Frankie, and Michelle have been absolutely incredible: they've welcomed me into their fold and helped me with everything. It was so sad to say goodbye!

And then I was off to say the hardest goodbye of all.....I took Lucy the rest of my food and some other bits, like the books I couldn't fit anywhere. It took us about and hour and a half to actually say goodbye. I've been mushy enough on Instagram, so I won't repeat it all but I will say that this term would have been a completely different experience without Lucy. I didn't come over here expecting to find a best friend and the Elizabeth to my Jane Bennet but that's exactly what happened.

Afterwards, I had to cheer myself up with one last Blackhorn.

oh blackhorn i will miss you
Then it was back to finish packing up everything and taking the rest to the trash or the donation pile. My room looks so strange empty.

The rest of the day was quite challenging. It took my about 40 minutes to get my two overweight suitcases from Agnes Blackadder Hall to the bus station and by that time, I was sweaty and gross. Then there was chaos with the buses although I managed to get on one.

The bus ride was a bit terrible because I was feeling so disgusting and still breathing heavily and overheated. But I listened to Killian Donnelly singing, which made me feel much better!

Thankfully, Dad scheduled a car to come get me from the bus station and bring my to the hotel and the lady was so nice. We chatted all the way here and I felt a lot better after that.

i love british hotels
I'm staying at a hotel right near the airport tonight...I have to wake up so early! But this hotel room is very nice and I had a lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant.

I can't complain overall because I have a lovely hotel room and Eurovision on the TV (it's my first time watching!). But now it's time for bed because I have to wake up at 4:30am. xx

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