Friday, May 22, 2015

One Last Day

Today was my last full day in St Andrews. Not to be horridly cliche (coming from the person who likes to quote "For Good" from Wicked in cards to friends, I clearly don't care to avoid cliches) but time really does fly.

I started off the morning with a croissant and finally eating my champagne strawberry jam that I bought at the Royal Yacht Britannia. So yummy.

I worked on packing and bagged up a bunch of things to take to my friend Susannah, including my beloved frying pan.

i couldn't help myself
We decided to grab one last lunch together and Susannah introduced me to an adorable restaurant called The Bean Room. We also ended up in H&M and the dress I've been eyeing for months was on sale so I had to buy it.

The rest of my evening was a lot less fun as I attempted to finish packing. I'm finally finished...or as finished as I can be until tomorrow. This getting myself home thing is so stressful for me.

I made my final dinner in our little kitchen...which included a Mexican bean burger of course.

Well tomorrow I leave St Andrews for all seems a bit surreal to be honest. Tomorrow night, I'll be blogging from a hotel at the Edinburgh airport! xx

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  1. Mum will be waiting.....
    I love you, thanks for sharing the journey!