Tuesday, May 5, 2015

MASH & Taylor Swift

Today didn't exactly go as I'd planned it! I was planning to go into town today and get a lot of revision done, but when I woke up it was pouring rain. Due to an unfortunate event, one corridor of my building ended up being evacuated. My friend Ali was one of those affected by it so I let her come hang out in my room. After I making her lunch, she was so exhausted that she took a nap on my bed while I did some studying.

Finally, around 5:30, she was allowed back into her room. I let her get settled back in (we were both quite emotionally shaken from the experience) and then I went and had dinner with her. She cooked a delicious meal of tikka masala chicken, steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, and bread with butter. What a treat!

We ended up discussing our mutual love for Taylor Swift during dinner, so when we finished we went back to her room to watch some of her old performances on YouTube (I don't think anything will ever top her AMC performance of "Should've Said No" with the costume change and waterfall on stage). We ended up singing along to Taylor Swift music and playing MASH and discussing life for three hours.

At one point, I made a fairly profound statement. We were looking for which song to listen to next and we'd been on a stream of songs about crushes. I noted that we hadn't heard anything from Taylor's latest album, "1989" for a while and Ali responded, "1989 doesn't have any crush songs really." To which I said, "1989 is about having a crush on yourself." Apparently sleep-deprivation and emotional exhaustion makes me quite wise. At least when it pertains to Taylor Swift. xx

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