Monday, May 4, 2015

Studying at Starbucks

I spent four hours today studying at Starbucks. Four. Hours. That might not be impressive to some people, but four straight hours of studying in one location is rare for me. (I tend to need to move around quite a bit.)

When I first got into town, I grabbed a quick lunch at Pret, which ended up in me spreading my study materials all over my table.

I've written so many sets of flashcards...
After I finished lunch though, I moved over to Starbucks because it's a bit quieter in there and the Internet signal is better. #priorities

I got a fair amount of work done so around 4pm, I had to reward myself with a chocolate cream frappe. I don't know what it is but the British frappes are much better than the American ones.

They even got my name right!
I eventually decided that I couldn't possibly sit at that table any longer and went to grab some much-needed groceries from Tesco's. (I was out of tissues. Again.) I ended up picking up a Pizza Express frozen pizza which I made for was absolutely delicious! It did make me laugh because it was an "Americano" pizza...which apparently just means pepperoni.

And finally...the last of my spring vacation vlogs! Enjoy my two minute montage of pretty spots in my favorite city. xx

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