Sunday, January 25, 2015

Starbucks Lovers

(Yes, the title of this post is a reference to the fact that many people, not including me, hear "Got a long list of Starbucks lovers" in Taylor Swift's song, Blank Space. The real line is "Got a long list of ex-lovers." This is what happens when you blog after midnight.)

Today, I woke up late again (maybe one of these days I'll make it out of bed before 10am?) and got breakfast before going into town.
Wearing my new hat I bought yesterday
 I spent a couple of hours at Starbucks and had a tea and a ham & cheese toastie (a warm sandwich) for lunch. Luckily my Starbucks card works over if you're reading this, thanks for lunch Aunt Kathy! (The baristas loved my Eiffel Tower giftcard!) I managed to get two internship applications turned in so I felt quite accomplished.

I went to the library and got two books for my thesis research (St Andrews obviously has a much better selection than Elon does) and a book for my Women in Scotland class. Might as well start reading now, right? 

The Library

I went into Waterstones to pick up Tanya Burr's book. Tanya is one of my favorite YouTubers and I'm so excited to read her book. It wasn't supposed to be out until the 29th but it got to some stores early. The girl had to get my copy out of the box for me because it got delivered just this morning! It's definitely the most beautiful book I've ever owned.

I tweeted this picture and Tanya favorited it!!!
I also stopped at Tesco's on the way home to pick up some more things, including a frying pan. I made some beautiful scrambled eggs with spinach and pancetta (I feel like Giada de Laurentiis every time I say that) for dinner. It went surprisingly well considering it was the first time I'd cooked eggs not under Mom's supervision and the first time I cooked in my new kitchen.

After dinner, I watched a movie on Netflix (UK Netflix has a different selection than US Netflix) and then skyped Alex for 3 hours. The time difference is difficult, but it's good to get to talk to friends back in the US! xx

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  1. Ahhh! you're becoming a cook, how exciting!
    Love this hat on you!!