Friday, February 20, 2015

A Proper Brit

Sorry this blog post is so late! xx

Yesterday, I had a presentation in my Scottish Women class about Madeleine Hamilton Smith, whom William Knox called "the most notorious woman in Scotland" in the later twentieth century. Her life is a thrilling story of a forbidden romance between a middle class girl and a working class man that ended in a trial when he died of arsenic poisoning.

Frankly, I don't think she killed him, but as the verdict was "Not Proven," it's been debated by historians ever since. A fascinating subject, made even more interesting by the scandal caused by the discovery of her letters, which revealed the intimate relationship the two had shared.

Presenting was actually quite fun as I, obviously, think that Madeleine Smith and her trial are an incredibly interesting topic.

For lunch, I went to Pret and when I couldn't decide between minestrone soup and my favorite sandwich (ham, butter, mini-pickles), I got both. #oops

After my last class, I stopped by Cromar's on my way home to pick up some fish and chips, like a proper Brit. You might remember Cromar's as I went there with Dad on my first weekend in St Andrews. I got the battered haddock (the fish preferred by the Scottish) and chips and it was absolutely delicious. Plus, it was under 5 pounds! That might just become a weekly ritual. 

Yummy and inexpensive: perfection
When I got back yesterday, I found that I had gotten a Valentine's Day package from Aunt Kathy! Thank you so much!

After getting some work accomplished, I decided to watch some episodes of The Tudors and practice using my new curling iron in preparation for getting ready for tonight's ball. I have to say, it works incredibly well for the fact that it cost ten pounds! xx

This hair style looks a little Victorian...or maybe I've just been
studying too much Victorian history.

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