Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Homemade Pizza

Today, when I finally dragged myself out of bed, I finished up my essay, printed it, and headed into town to turn it in! Honestly, I'm still quite nervous about it but I should have my mark back soon enough. 

Machiavelli and I are never ever getting back together...
at least not until finals.
I ran a couple of other errands in town, before I realized that it was 2:30pm and I'd not yet eaten lunch. On my way to Pret (because where else was I going to go?), I passed Waterstones and got super excited to see three of my favorite YouTubers' books lined up in a row.

Naturally, I own all three. Pre-ordered Carrie Hope
Fletcher's book today. 
My favorite sandwich, tea, and an almond croissant
After eating and doing some reading, I headed back to my hall. I'm not joking when I say that the wind was so strong in places that I was walking, but not moving. I attempted to get some work done, but my brain has apparently decided that finishing the essay is all the work it needs to do today.

Some of my JSA friends and I gathered in my kitchen tonight to make pizzas on naan bread. I made a beautiful half-pesto-spinach-proscuitto-cherry tomato, half-pepperoni-mushroom pizza, which was actually delicious! We ended up watching Bad Lip Reading and Google Translate videos on Youtube before parting ways.

Okay so I ran out of pans and had to use a muffin tin
lent by my lovely flatmate...
After Skyping the family, it's time to attempt more reading. Wish me luck...xx

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