Monday, February 23, 2015

Moldy Cheese

Well that caught your attention, didn't it?

I really struggled to get out of bed this morning for two reasons: 1) it's Monday and 2) it took me a half hour to get to the top of my Twitter feed because of everyone live-tweeting the Oscars, which was a great excuse to stay in bed.

When I finally did get up and shower, I decided to head to Starbucks to get to work on my essay. I can now confirm that I was in this building for 58 hours, from Friday night to midday today.
Another flower crown day to celebrate me actually
leaving the building
 My goal for today was to finish half of my essay and two of the readings for my presentation. Instead, I somehow finished the entire first draft of my essay and am currently finishing the first reading for my presentation. I'm hoping to be able to edit and turn in my essay tomorrow, to relieve some of my stress!
A delicious bacon sandwich and chocolate cream frap
Once I finished the essay, I decided it was time to head back. I stopped at the grocery store to do my shopping for the week. I was super excited to pick up some potatoes to have with chili! Unfortunately after I made the potato and the chili, I discovered that my shredded cheese (that was supposed to be good for another two weeks!) was moldy.

I didn't throw up, but I wanted to after unknowingly TOUCHING THE MOLD.

Obviously, I wasn't going to abandon my hot dinner to walk 20 minutes into town to get more shredded cheese, but I also equally wasn't willing to not have cheese on my potato. My solution? To tear up a slice of white cheddar cheese and sprinkle that on top of my chili. kind of worked and it wasn't green or 20 minutes away, so that was good enough for me. xx

So much chili, you can't see the potato

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  1. YUCK!! to the moldy cheese! You improvised very nicely!!
    Beautiful picture - I think St Ann's agrees with you :)