Sunday, February 22, 2015

Machiavelli & Me

Honestly, after my post about the DRA ball, this post is probably going to seem like a let-down. But I've got two balls coming up so there'll be plenty more excitement down the road. 

Yesterday and today have been entirely about reading sources about Machiavelli for my essay due Wednesday and feeding myself. That sounds like an exaggeration, I'm sure, and to be fair, I did watch a movie yesterday. However, I haven't left the building or put up makeup for the past two days.

(Yes, I am still showering. I'm not a heathen, just a hermit.) 

Breakfast food works at any time of the day, right?
Okay, good, because it's the only thing I can make.
 Last night, I ordered Dominos and watched one of the Hollow Crown movies, Henry IV, which had Tom Hiddleston (swoon) and Jeremy Irons in it. A much needed reward for a long day of working.

Delivery food is the best.
My two loves
I can proudly declare that all of the reading and note-taking is done and my outline for my essay is completed (as of about a half-hour ago). I'm writing about where Machiavelli's political cynicism (or realism, as I like to call it) comes from. It's very daunting, but I think I'm actually on track to turn it in on Wednesday...let's hope I've not just jinxed myself.

Since I actually accomplished what I set out to do today and it's only 7pm, I'm going to make some dinner and watch some Netflix...and okay, maybe get started on some of the reading for my presentation on Thursday because I can't go for too long without needing to accomplish something. xx

My constant companion for the weekend

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